Address:2201 Willenborg Avenue
Zip/Postal Code:62401
Total Square Feet:56520
Total Lot Size:8 Acres
Parking Spaces:310
Date of Construction:1998
Ceiling Height:12 Feet
Sewer Supplier:City of Effingham
Telecommunications:Fully Equipped on Site Nortel Switch
Miles to nearest Central Office:2
Miles to nearest Point of Presence:2
Distance to Bus Line:2 miles
Distance to Nearest Airport:5 miles
Nearest HotelImmediate Area
Nearest Daycare:Immediate Area
Nearest Restaurants:Immediate Area
Date Available:Immediately
Cost per square feet:Negotiable
Sale Price:Negotiable
Remarks:The building is in a beautiful wooded setting and features a variety of amenities. It features a high effeciency zone controlled HVAC system with Toshiba VFDs,and a digital control system.

The building features a Northern N1000 security access system with motion detection and closed circuit video. Fully fire protected and monitored along with a wet sprinkler system.

Owner:Effingham Hi-Tech Partners
Contact:Dean Bingham
Telephone number:217-342-4443
Fax number:217-342-3299
Contact Address:1200 Network Centre Drive Suite 3
Zip/Postal Code:62401