Address:811 New York Ave
Zip/Postal Code:50801
Total Square Feet:65930
Total Lot Size:10.95
Parking Spaces:350
Date of Construction:1984
Ceiling Height:14
Sewer Supplier:City of Creston
Telecommunications:Iowa Telecom
Miles to nearest Central Office:1
Miles to nearest Point of Presence:1
Distance to Bus Line:1
Distance to Nearest Airport:70
Nearest Hotel1
Nearest Daycare:1.5
Nearest Restaurants:1
Date Available:Now
Cost per square feet:2.00
Sale Price:Negotiable
Remarks:Excellent Location along Hwy 34 Commercial Corridor. This building could be very flexible depending on the needs of the interested party. 20,000 minimum square feet at 3.00 per square feet. Across from Supertel Inn & Conference Center and a newly developed shopping area.
Owner:Wal-Mart Realty
Contact:Carl Lasala
Telephone number:913-362-1000
Fax number:913-362-6700
Contact Address:6310 Lamar, Ste 100
City:Overland Park
Zip/Postal Code:66202