Address:470 South Highway 29
Zip/Postal Code:32533
Total Square Feet:32675
Total Lot Size:8.1 acres
Parking Spaces:300
Date of Construction: 2005
Ceiling Height:14'
Sewer Supplier:Gonzales Utilities
Miles to nearest Central Office:n/a
Miles to nearest Point of Presence:n/a
Distance to Bus Line:0 miles
Distance to Nearest Airport:14 miles
Nearest Hotel5 miles
Nearest Daycare:1.5 miles
Nearest Restaurants:1 mile
Date Available:1/1/09
Cost per square feet:$15
Sale Price:$6,000,000
Remarks:Building features an open floor plan and large parking lot. An additional 6 acres of undeveloped land lies to the north of the property allowing for expansion of the building or parking lot. This sophisticated office space was rebuilt in 2005 and includes a 130 ton air conditioning system with remote computer control, Cat-5 wiring to support 300 computer stations, TV satellites, a reception desk, two refrigerators, an ice maker, a gazebo and patio umbrellas.
Owner:Moulton Properties, Inc.
Contact:Mary Moulton
Telephone number:(850) 438-5655
Fax number:(850) 438-7187
Contact Address:P.O. Box 12524
Zip/Postal Code:32591